Tesla Banned from Highways? Executives Cash Out Stocks Frequently

Tesla banned from highways? Deputy promoted for six months, cashing out nearly 10 million yuan in 20 days! Several executives frequently sell stocks." Recently, some internet users reported that the official real-time road condition information from Shanxi Provincial Highway Information Monitoring Center in China indicated certain highway sections banned Tesla vehicles, causing heated discussion.

However, the Traffic Police Department of Shanxi Public Security Bureau responded that the restriction was for investigating suspicious vehicles and has been lifted. Tesla vehicles can now travel normally. In another development, it was revealed that on July 3rd, Tesla Senior Vice President Zhu Xiaotong sold 2,500 shares of Tesla stocks worth nearly $700,000.

This was his second sell-off in a month, totaling approximately $1.34 million in cash (equivalent to nearly 10 million yuan). Zhu Xiaotong was promoted in January and currently holds a senior executive position at Tesla, often referred to as the "second-in-command." 

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