Alarming Levels of Toxic Substances Found in Almost Half of US Tap Water

A recent survey conducted by the US Geological Survey (USGS) has revealed that almost half of the tap water in the US contains excessive amounts of synthetic organic fluorides.

The report states that out of the 716 samples collected from various locations, 45% had higher levels of synthetic organic fluorides, with cities being more affected than rural areas.

The USGS also mentions that there are over 12,000 types of these synthetic organic fluorides, many of which cannot be detected using current methods, indicating that the problem may be more severe than reported.

These synthetic organic fluorides, which cannot be broken down, can accumulate in the body and environment, posing negative effects on health and the environment, potentially leading to developmental issues in children, cancer, as well as liver and kidney diseases.

They are widely used in the production of products with anti-staining, waterproofing, and oil-proof properties, including fire extinguishants, non-stick pans, and cleaning sprays. 

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